We at D’JAVAS would love to invite you to taste our Indonesian Foodbar during lunch. Take a look at our special Foodbar Lunch Menu where you can find your favorite delicious dishes, tasty soups and our famous Streetfood Favourites.

The foodbar is fast, fresh, at your comfort and indeed Halal food guaranteed!

Why this concept? Let’s start treating food as a valuable commodity that needs to be handled prudently: let’s buy or take only as much as you consume.

That way we can make a positive impact on the environment, on our waistline and on our wallet as well.

Or maybe you prefer just to stay for a coffee or tea, our fresh healthy juices is great as well and don’t forget to order our signature Indonesian street drinks or just to enjoy a chilled Bintang.

Selamat makan


Foodbar Lunch Menu

Foodbar Lunch 12:00-14:00